Best grenade in PUBG History

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I predicted this to happen 100%


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‫23 تعليقات

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  1. check out my 4 kill windshield busting nade

  2. kranz قال:

    nice mic

  3. So. .. Don't know if you've answered this yet, but, you gonna finish road to global elite?

  4. Did u know he was there and i say it was a win

  5. My friends and I did a grenade only run. We took 5th that game. There was another game where two guys were holed up in a harry potter, and instead of trying to fight them, i just tossed a lazy grenade through the window, easy two kills.

  6. Captain here: it's a win fail, you see if you watch this video frame by frame, you see that when skitz throws the nade, his friend walked infront of him, causing the grenade to bounce off and go to the opposite direction, killing the dude. However its a fail that turned into a win.

  7. AyEsGee قال:

    Who were you trying to nade though

  8. Lonerr قال:

    God tier player PogChamp

  9. n33 قال:

    Not a fail if it works.

  10. OhadX قال:


  11. assman قال:

    holy fucking shit

  12. Boltcis قال:

    wtf … hahaha

  13. Koten17 قال:

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  14. c-dubs قال:

    omg im so early

  15. Heny قال:

    First 🙂

  16. Fail or Win? YOU DECIDE!

    Actual video out tomorrow!
    This one just deserved a video by it's self xD

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